Imprinted ribbons

Imprinted ribbon production

Printed ribbons are great for gift wrapping, branding and giving the product a sense of individuality. The production of printed ribbons is possible on various textiles, such as nylon, polyester, satin, cotton, etc. They use a variety of printing technologies and most often: thermal printing and flexo printing, as well as embroidery and weaving. For ribbon printing, you can choose from a variety of color ribbons and print colors, and choose the one that suits you best, available, width and length.
Printed tapes will serve any purpose you choose for celebration and celebration. They will also serve as an element of product wrapping or accent in binding documents.

Design and printing of printed ribbons

Ribbon printing is most often done on a particularly soft and durable material – satin, which is specially woven so that one side is perfectly smooth and the other rough as well as polyamide textile.printed ribbons
You can choose the design of your printed ribbon yourself. It can be printed with thank you words if the ribbon is used, for example, for gifts of wedding guests, as well as your company logo, image, etc.

Imprinted ribbons

You can choose from several color ribbons and text colors for ribbon design, and our designers will help you design your preferred ribbon design.
Don’t hesitate and order your specially printed, ribbon that will serve a wide range of purposes and intentions!